Cloth Diaper Washing Much easier with Smart Dhobi

No matter what type of cloth diaper you use, they’ll always need washing so you can use them over and over again. Washing baby’s diapers always seem to be a very hectic and tedious job. To make cloth diapers washing easy and comfortable, Smart Baby has introduced a new product named Smart Dhobi for mother’s, that […]


Cloth Diapering While Traveling


In the early days of cloth diapering journey we all might have researched a lot on whether to use the cloth diapers or not. For many moms the idea of taking cloth diapers along on a overnight stay or on a week long holiday may seem an uphill battle, but you are absolutely wrong. Using […]


Learn how to swaddle a baby


What exactly swaddle means what is the purpose? Swaddling means to “snugly wrap (someone, especially a baby) tightly with a blanket or a  piece of cloth”. It helps in keeping the baby cozy. Research shows that swaddling – is a technique that mimics the coziness of the womb. It can keep your baby warm and […]


The History of Cloth Diapers: Spreading Cloth Diapering Awareness

In India when most people think of diapers what come to their mind are disposables. Diapers are into existence since the creation of man as there has been a need for diapers. It can be depicted from ancient writings and drawings that milkweed leaf, animal skins, grass and many other creative uses were employed to […]